The Major Clans of Kabrala

These pages will list the major demi-human clans found within Kabrala.  Most of these clans have never been discover by any player character and have not been fully developed.

There are 20 known great Elvin clans not including drow clans.

9 High Clans 6 Wood Clans
4 Grey Clans 1 Valley Clan
4 Wild Clans

There are 23 known great Dwarvin clans not including duegar clans.

9 Mountain Clans 8 Hill Clans
6 Grey Clans

There are 23 known great Gnomish clans.

4 Rock Clans 4 Snirfneblin Clans
3 Forest Clans

There are 13 known great Halfling clans.

6 Hairfoot Clans 4 Tallfellow Clans
3 Stout Clans

Other clans of notoriety.

1 Winged Folk Clan