Kabrala's Time Charts

Have you ever tried to keep track of 30+ PC's over a 10+ year time span?  Time Charts help.

All characters are strongly encouraged to keep some type of time chart.  It's a house rule.  This does several things, first, it allows for easier tracking of a PC's career.  Second, whenever a character passes away the PC sheet and time charts are stored in the "deceased file".  Third, I may want to write a book some day about all the adventures we've had and this material would make some great notes.  I give PC's an experience bonus of 100 experience per month to maintain their time charts.

This area will include some actual player time charts.  Whenever a player wants to share their time charts, I'll post them just so you can get the player's side of things.   The time charts that I'll post will be unedited.

Master Time Chart


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