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These are the non-player characters of some repute I have created in detail.  Some NPCs listed have never been encountered by the player characters.

*Characters in red are deceased.  Click on link to get the scoop.

Name Class Race Level Alignment
Mulusk Priest Human 15 NE
Wes Priest Human 2 LE
Alkera Mage Female Human 4 LN
Verminaard Priest Human 4 LE
Krendillan Archer Wild Elf 2 CG
Elian Archer/Ranger Grey Elf 4/4 CG
Kreline Malken Ranger Grey Half-Elf 5 CG
Aviar Fighter Female Human 10 LE
Jason "Quick Death" Rogue Human 14 CE
Lasgon Fighter Hill Dwarf 3 LN
Bruenon Fighter Hill Dwarf 3 LN
Wemple Fighter Hill Dwarf 3 LN
Balarak Maknash Priest Human 8 LE
Darkhon "The Fiend" Anti-Paladin Human 10 CE
Perante Inde Cavalier Human 9 LG
Krom Death Knight Undead human 20 CE
Sindeous Rogue Human 13 CE
Krack "The Crusher" Fighter Human 16 LE
Ali Muhammad Fighter/Mage Half-Marid 26 HD CN
Fendel "The Great" Mage Human 31 CN
Roggit "The Elderly" Mage Human 28 CG
Larissa Witch Female Human 24 CE
Terrax Fighter Human 10 LE
Rerujnoc Sorcerer Half-Dragon, Red 27 CE
Anthony Edwin Priest Human 21 CE
Ralcor Vishnor Fighter Human 4 CN
Quenasa Yenevere Fighter/Cleric Female Drow Elf 9/8 CN
Dalkamera Yenevere Cleric/Rogue Female Drow Elf 9/11 CE
Dialron Rogue Human 6 LN
Darius Fighter Human 21 NE
Malku Fingdon Priest/Mage Grey Elf 5/5 CN
Kajier Mage Human 11 CN
McKlustom Arch-Mage Human Lich 27 CE
Thebius Rogue Human 12 CN
Tagnelizban Mage Human 26 LN
DeKuyper Fighter Human 19 NG
Sir John of Virtue Fighter Human 6 LG
Mongrel Mage Human 20 CN
Krag Whiteman Barbarian Human 14 CN
Flantrass Priest Female Human 12 LE
Tamara Priest Female Human 10 CE
Zed Rogue Deep Gnome 20 CN
Emperor Fredrick Cavalier Human 21 LG
Archduke Agustine Priest Human 22 NG
Isslym "Gargoyle Mage" Mage Human 25 CE
Knaggle Vllock Creature Greater Barghest CR9 LE

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