Our D&D Information

My friends and I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons for years, some since 1986. This part of my web site will be dedicated to our past, present, and future adventures.

These pages contain our world, Kabrala, and the people who make it their home.

Over time I will put more information here for our use and maybe other DMs & players will find some of the information useful in their campaigns.

04/08/12 Update:

I'm developing some cloud-based tools that will enable my players & me, the DM, spend more time at the table top & less time doing paper management & prep work between games. The players can manage character sheets, timeline, and assets. DMs can manage NPCs, timeline, treasure, monsters, lairs, & encounter tables.

07/06/09 Update:

Updated forum and added maps to Kabrala section. The forum is here.

Map News

I had to reformat my computer and neglected to backup my campaign cartographer files. Not a huge issue because the files I had were test files.

When I get more time I look forward to putting a lot more maps online, including the native campaign cartographer files for others to use.