Active Players

This section is for all players who participate in Kabrala.

More content will be added later.

I wasted money on e-Tools by Code Monkey Publishing. One day I'll get around to creating some web-based tools for my group and others as everything I've found online doesn't meet my needs.

Player Resources

Various character sheets:

Wizards of the Coast PHB 3.5 character sheet.

Ultimate 3.5 character sheet

Nice character sheet

I love the Sun Rain Studios website. A nice spellbook, charactersheet, and campaign note format. I strongly recommend you check out these sheets! I saved a D&D 3.5e Character Record Sheet copy on my web server just in case the site ever goes away.
Older version of D&D 3.5e Character Record Sheet STANDARD EDITION.
Unknown description

Mad Irishman's D&D Character Form 1.0

3.5E D&D Character Sheet - Dash

If you know of any other handy character sheets please drop me an e-mail. Please include any reference.

Spell Sheets courtesy of Military Focus

All spells
Bard spells
Cleric spells
Druid spells
Paladin spells
Ranger spells
Wizard spells
Prepared spell sheet (rarely used)

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