Most adventurers find treasure while adventuring. They can keep, destroy, donate, or sell the magical items they discover or create. Below are some guidelines I use in Kabrala.

What is market value?

The DM Guide (DMG) gives a basic list of how much items cost, referred to as Market Value. I define Market Value as the base market value at which an item is bought or sold.
Note - Market Value is used to calculate a player creating a magical item using feats. See Create Magical Items for more information.

How much do things cost in Kabrala?

In a perfect situation, you can buy and sell an item equal to Market Value. In Kabrala, magic is not common and sought by many. If you buy off-the-shelf magic, it usually costs 1 to 2 times market value listed in the DMG.

What affects the Market Value?

Your charisma, negotiating skills (diplomacy or intimidate), role playing factors, and availability of items (location, location, location!) all affect the buy or sell price.