The Kingdoms of Kabrala

The information contained here will include the various kingdoms located throughout Kabrala.  Some kingdoms have never been explored by a PC.

The chart will list the kingdom name, capital city, current ruler, kingdom's alignment tendencies, , population and special notes.  I will provide more detail in the future.

Kingdom Name Capital City Current Ruler Tendencies Population Special Notes
Empire of the Sun Troy Emperor Fredrick LG 1,500,000+ Massive city with the worlds largest sea port.
Davelian Kingdom Vandromain Unknown NE 73,000+ Vast rolling farm lands make up this kingdom.
Lokan Empire Gor Gregory Lokan CN 110,000+ Mountainous area with large sea port.  Government run by large guilds.
Harconin Empire Harconia Unknown CE 700,000+ Very powerful army and navy.  Currently at war with humanoids from the Barrier Mts and Forbidden Forest.
Chiwan Empire Chiwa Unknown LE 480,000+ Most powerful ships in the world.  They are at war with humanoids from the Regivul Mts.
Island Kingdoms Unknown Unknown CG Unknown Barbarians tribes form this kingdom.  Many tropical islands make up this kingdom.
City in the Clouds Avalon An Arch-Mage LN 14,000+ One city makes up this magical kingdom.  Ruled by wizards and only accessable by flying capable parties.
Great Kingdom Aus Unknown CN 30,000+ Barbarian tribes that live most of their lives at sea raiding other cities and kingdoms.
Metal Kingdom Akorros Unknown NE 67,000+ Metal is very rare in this land.  An island nation covered with thick forests.  Undiscovered by other civilizations.
Merchant Kingdoms Milstone Thebius LN 900,000+ Trading capital of the world.  Large navy and small yet powerful magical army.  Magical city with mighty defenses.  The king is controlled by powerful merchant guilds.  Rerujnoc destroyed the mightiest guild and robbed the largest bank.

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